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Logs in Forest





Avid prides itself on building a sustainable business in line with our overall ESG strategy. The forestry industry offered a new opportunity to commit to investing with sustainability in mind. Our business repurposes disused or ineffective farmland for forestry to aid in sequestering Carbon and growing sustainable timber. We are exploring new markets like Carbon Offset and Biodiversity tokens to drive the expansion of our operations and to improve our impact on the planet.


In the last five years expanded our forestry investments and have invested in both mature forestry sites as well as un forested agrarian land and have since planted over 70,000 new trees. 


Each mature tree is calculated to have a carbon conversion capability of 22kg a year and when our sites have reached maturity could contribute to the conversion of 2,700 tonnes of carbon per annum. This will enable us to make a positive contribution to our planet as well as offsetting our other business ventures.  


Forest site pre plantation

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